Product Description
Most plant experts suggest the earliest cultivators of gooseberry plants were in Northern Africa.
However, the gooseberry is now grown widely throughout Northern Europe and in North America.
Inconsistent in flavor as well, gooseberries can have a seriously sour taste or be slightly sweet.
The sweetest ones are usually pinkish or purplish.
Do a taste test before adding sweeteners to this berry as its flavor can be destroyed with too much sugar.
Gently poach to protect its delicate shape; poached gooseberries make a delicious accompaniment for
meat entrées, because of the high pectin content, gooseberry sauces naturally thicken.
Serve whole berries as edible garnish for smoked meats.
Flavorfully wake up dressing or stuffing for duck, goose, turkey or chicken with its tasty attributes.
Health Benefits
Gooseberries are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.