Product Description
Cranberries are native to North America, and flourished in New England long before the Mayflower arrived.
The berry was first named Craneberry by the Pilgrims because the cute pink blossoms.
Native Americans used the berries for medicinal purposes, as a dye, and for food. 
Cranberries are plump and shiny red with a firm waxy protective skin.
This berry offers an extremely tart flavor, so much so that it is rarely eaten raw.
This berry offers tartness to savory and sweet dishes.
Cranberries keep up to several months in the fridge.
Cranberries can be used fresh for stuffing cakes and cookies, but can also be eaten out of the hand.
The fresh cranberries are mainly used for juices and sauces.
Health Benefits
Cranberries have long been valued for their ability to help prevent and treat urinary tract infections.
Now, recent studies suggest that this Native American berry may also promote gastrointestinal and oral
health, prevent the formation of kidney stones, lower LDL and raise HDL (good) cholesterol, aid in
recovery from stroke, and even help prevent cancer.