Edible Karma Orchid

Product Description
Origen Thailand
Taste Fresh crispy, endive
Usage Dessert, salads, decoration
Culture Socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability year round
Storage Up to 14 days at 2-4°C
Taste and usage
Karma Orchids give a fresh crispy taste, similar to lettuce or chicory.
They are a superb decoration on the plate, or on desserts (ice cream with chocolate),
in salads, beverages and more.
Surprise and impress your guests with a garnish they even can take home!
Use them as a welcome surprise in hotel.
The Karma Orchids are specially grown for Koppert Cress in Thailand and the Netherlands
and have been tested and found safe for consumption.
Do not confuse other orchids, produced for ornamental use, with edible Karma Orchids. 
Availability and storage
Karma Orchids are available year round and can easily be stored for up to 14 days at
a temperature of 2-4°C.
Produced in a socially responsible culture, Karma Orchids meet the hygienic kitchen standards.
The product is ready to use, since it is grown clean and hygienically.
 Karma Orchids are, as all the Koppert Cress cresses and specialties, produced according to
the SQF 2000 guidelines.