Product Description
 “Fruit of the Angels” papaya is Rich in antioxidants and nutrients; papaya has a lot of benefits to offer for your skin, hair, and health.
Papayas are widely seen in America and Southeast Asian countries.
A true taste of the tropics, Papaya is encasing in a gleaming sunny yellow skin when
ripened to perfection.
This scrumptious fruit is ripe when mostly yellow and soft to the touch.
The pulp is a matching creamy yellow, delicately scented, and deliciously sweet.
A mass of black seeds is encasing in a gelatinous coating in the center.
Often discarded, the seeds are edible.
Crunchy and peppery, crushed seeds can be used as a mildly spicy condiment.
Papaya used as dessert, juices and dressing.
Ripe papaya is usually consuming fresh as a breakfast or dessert fruit and Papaya
seeds used as an ingredient in salad dressings.
Slightly lacking in acidity, a squeeze of limejuice enhances this fruit's addicting flavor.
Most commonly enjoyed fresh, papaya can be pureed or baked as well.
Papaya used to soften and tenderize thick meats such as roast beef or t-bones;
spread mashed papaya over the meat and refrigerate about two hours before cooking.
Health Benefits
  1. Moisturizes skin
  2. Clears pigmentation
  3. Helps weight loss
  4. Good for diabetics
  5. Boosts immunity
  6. Lowers cholesterol level.
  7. Reduces inflammation In the lungs
  8. muscle tissue renewal
Papaya nutritional value per 100gm





Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin K



43 Kcal

10.82 g

0.47 g

0.26 g

47 RAE

950 IU

2.6 mg

182 mg

8 mg




Papaya recipe

Boost Sugar free
120g papaya 100g papaya
60g avocado 60g kiwi
30g walnuts 1 banana
120g coconut milk 20g guava
1 banana 30g walnuts
honey 120g coconut milk
  20g honey