Passion Fruit Yellow & Purple

Product Description
There are two types of Passion Fruit, Purple Passion Fruit and Yellow Passion Fruit,
which differ in appearance but taste the same.
Both contain a jelly like pulp inside with hundreds of small black seeds.
Passion Fruit origin is Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Southeast Asia countries.
Passion Fruit is heavenly taste of the tropics.
A much-wrinkled passion fruit means it is ripe and ready to eat.
A firm cardboard-like rind encases almost liquid teardrop-shaped bits of mustard-yellow
very strange looking pulp.
An edible tiny dark crisp seed inhabits each juicy capsule, offering a distinct
sweet-sour taste; some infoibe the flavor as a blend of lemon, jasmine and honey.
Others say jasmine, banana and lime. Whatever, the taste is definitely rich and
amazingly powerful.
Adding a true taste of the tropics, passion fruit's exotic scent and succulent flavor
make an excellent flavoring for vinaigrette, sauces, syrups, gelato, sherbet and sorbet.
Fruit salads and preserves especially love its flavorful contribution.
Health Benefits
A good source of vitamin C, one passion fruit has about 15 calories. Eaten with the seeds,
this fruit provides an excellent source of fiber.
Eating five daily servings of fruits and vegetables lowers the chances of cancer.
Passion Fruit nutritional value per 100gm





Vitamin A

Vitamin C




23.38 g

2.20 g

0.70 g

1274 IU

30 mg

348 mg

12 mg






Passion Fruit recipe

Power immune The guard Vitamin A Boost
120g passion fruit 120g passion fruit 120g passion fruit
60g kiwi 80g guava 40g peaches
60g strawberries 1 banana 40g kale
40g spinach 60g strawberries 1 banana
10g basil 100g orange juice 100g coconut milk
50g honey 20g honey 40g honey
50g orange juice    
Ice cubes