Young Coconut

Product Description
Fresh from Thailand, these tropical fruits are an ingredient in desserts, but are also great
as a snack.
Deliciously sweet white meat inside has a similar flavor to that of a coconut and
a crunchy texture.
Young coconuts are especially ideal for making scrumptious desserts.
This extraordinary coconut deliciously flavors a variety of baked goods, ice cream,
pies, sorbets and beverages.
Flavor frosting for cakes and cookies.
Make a colorful sweet topping for baked goods and confections.
Blend coconut water and flesh to make a refreshing smoothie, which also makes an excellent
base for soup. For flavor variation, add avocado, dates, figs, and carob powder or maple syrup.
Health Benefits
Young coconuts provide a source of calcium, carbohydrates, a trace of iron and
dietary fiber. The water in this coconut is very high in electrolytes. One average
coconut contains about 140 calories.
Saturated fat is present in coconut meat, a rarity for fruits and vegetables.