Lotus Root

Product Description
Native to Asia, this sacred and beautiful plant has a long history.
Used for thousands of years as food, Chinese have enjoyed the lotus root since the
Han Dynasty dating 207 B.C. to 220 A.D.
Offering a slightly sweet pleasantly mild flavor, its crisp flesh is akin to a raw potato.
Almost completely edible, the stems, seeds, leaves, flowers and roots possess
amazing culinary attributes.
Some infoibe the flavor as reminiscent to fresh coconut.
The reddish-brown skin must peel before using.
Slice or grate; add to stir-fries, braises, stews, soups or fresh salads.
Deep-fry slices for unique chips.
Bake or boil; season as desired.
Use thin slices as an attractive edible lacy garnish.
To prepare, separate sections; wash thoroughly, remove and discard "necks" between
sections; peel, then stuff with filling or cook whole.
Use as a vegetable as well as in sweet dishes.
Health Benefits
Low in calories, lotus root is high in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.