Product Description
The Feijoa is native to extreme southern Brazil, northern Argentina, western Paraguay
and Uruguay where it is common wild in the mountains.
Having a pear-like texture, its unusual flavor is sweet tart with a lemon and menthol
Some say it combines the flavors of quince, pineapple and concord grapes with a hin
of spruce. The flower of the Feijoa is also edible.
Used as a flavoring and a fruit, this fruit adds flavorful life to fruit salads and
compotes. Puree; make ices, mousses, sorbet and ice cream.
Pair with oranges, banana, papaya, strawberries, ginger and lime.
Cream desserts, soufflés, plain cakes and puddings benefit from its yummy flavor. 
Feijoa-based sauces enhance roasted meats.
Fresh or cooked, its rather pungent flavor can be overwhelming and is best used in
Gently poach in syrup; smother with fresh cream.
Top pancakes, French toast and waffles.
Health Benefits
Feijoas are rich in vitamin C and contain about 40 calories in four ounces of fruit.