"Vegetables – a word that conjures up two things; Healthy & History. Vegetables are unmistakably, an integral part of daily life, for Centuries they have garnished the Earth, providing it's inhabitants with variety, colour, taste and above all – healthy nutritional values! El-Nour's vegetable selections are no exceptions, we will provide and deliver to you, the First Class array of products ranging from; Cresses, Eggplants, Micro-Vegetables, to Asparagus, Celery and Fennel, to name but a few of the hundreds of products on offer. It is an honour for our business, to supply OUR premier products, to an ever extending clientele, the finest, freshest quality of vegetables, grown both here in Egypt, as well as internationally. Please come and indulge in viewing our marvellous, succulent produce, accompanied with interesting facts, all ready for YOU!