Managing Director

During the past decade, a great emphasis has been dedicated to healthier eating, and as we all know, healthy and fresh go hand in hand. Ultimately, we here at El-Nour, pride ourselves on being that supplier of healthy, fresh fruit & vegetables, to YOU the deserving public! 

Take into consideration, the very fact that 'fresh produce' always provides us with a better, more profound taste and culinary experience, El-Nour as a company has made it it's business to deliver the freshest, finest, most tantalizing quality of produce that 'Mother Nature' has to offer, and supply all of this, first hand, to you.

* We strive not only to remain the best in the Egyptian market, but to ceaselessly drive forward in extending the boundaries of produce and quality, to our extremely valuable clients. 

We also strive not only to maintain the HIGHEST levels of service and value for our customers, but to ascend to even GREATER heights in meeting client demands and expectations.

El-Nour spends a colossal amount of time and effort researching the markets, travelling extensively around the globe sampling well known, as well as novel products, all in the quest to enable our customers to diverse their taste-buds, with new, exciting and mouth-watering delicacies.

I would like to take this opportunity, to say 'Thank-you' to our existing clientele for their conttinuous support and belief in us. We eagerly look forward to building our special  working relationship with you all, in the same personal and professional manner that we have all been accustomed to, now and into the future. Leaves me to say lastly… a warm welcome to our potential new clients and anticipate a great and beneficial journey ahead, for all of us".

Warmest Regards,
Hazem Sharaf

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